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 Murdock´s debut

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PostSubject: Murdock´s debut   Mon Jul 12, 2010 6:04 am

The lights in the building go off and Rhett Murdock´s entrance music, "Rage" by Psycho Motel, starts to rock the arena. A good looking guy emerges from the backstage and a spotlight is centered on him. He makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hand and a wide smile on his face.

Fred: Well, well, it looks like another one of this shows rookies is coming to introduce himself.

Jess: I feel sorry for him already.

Fred: Why´s that?

Jess: Well, it´s not really a smart move to come waltzing here to IBW with looks like those. Won´t be long before someone busts his face in.

Fred: True, true.

Rhett Murdock: Good evening ladies and gentlemen (especially the ladies) *winks at group of girls nearby the ring and flashes his smile* of the Iconic Beatdown Wrestling! Let me introduce myself. My name is Rhett Murdock.

Jess: Good grief, looks like we´ve go us a wannabe gigolo here..

Fred: Come on Jess, just listen what he´s got to say.

RM: Now, some of you may have seen me in the ring before as I have travelled across the U.S of A taking part in various amateur wrestling tournaments for quite some time. And now I´ve gotten myself right here, in the ranks of IBW! And I can tell you, it feels reeeeaaal good to be here!

The crowd cheers

RM: Even though I just recently arrived here, I´ve already seen some the other guys backstage and whoo, I can already tell that the upcoming matches will be a whole lot interesting! And I just can´t wait to have my first match here in IBW!

RM: By the way, since I´m already here in the ring ranting, I guess I can make a statement here as well. I promise to you all now, the fans of IBW, that I´m gonna give a full 110 % out of myself every time I enter the ring. And I guarantee, once the GM of this show sees some of my moves, it won´t be long before I get a title shot at being the Beatdown champion! Thank you for listening to me and I hope you all have a great time watching this show!

Murdock laughs heartily and salutes the crowd

The crowd starts cheering again

Jess: Well, he sure can talk, but it remains to be seen if he can walk it too.

Fred: Yeah, but he sure got the crowd on his side, just listen to all that cheering!

Murdock drops the mic, flashes his smile, exits the ring and walks to backstage giving hand-kisses to some of the nearby female spectators, leaving the crowd cheering after him.

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Murdock´s debut
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