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 Rhett Murdock

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PostSubject: Rhett Murdock   Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:06 am

Name: Rhett Murdock

Type: Technique

Face or Heel: Tweener

Height: 6 ft, 1 inc.

Weight: 193 lbs

Entrance Music: "Rage" by Psycho Motel

Bio: Born in Kansas City. A former bartender and a sergeant of the U.S Army. A distinguished soldier in the army, his services in Iraq led him to gain the rank of a sergeant, but was stripped from his rank and expelled from the force because of his heavy drinking problem. A short while after that he managed to quit drinking, and after he sobered up he started, ironically enough, to work as a bartender at a local nightclub.

During his short bartender career he learned from one of the nightclub´s customers that there were some illegal amateur wrestling tournaments held in Kansas City from time to time. Murdock decided to test his luck in the ring. He didn´t win the tournament, but came in close second. From that point forward he travelled throughout America in search for wrestling tournaments he could attend to before making it into the ranks of IBW.

Murdock likes to think himself as a ladies man with his pretty boy looks and witty mind (his words), but more often than not, he tends to fail with his pickup lines. That hasn´t gotten him down though. On the contrary, he thinks the girls are just playing hard to catch with him.

Murdock´s wrestling style is usually clean including a variety of submission moves, but he´s known to also use dirty tricks when necessary to secure victory.


Murdock Special: Rhett Murdock throws a barrage of punches at the opponent and throws him to the ring corner, then taunts the opponent in order to get him attack in mindless rage which results in Rhett Murdock landing an easy Roundhouse Kick to the foolish adversary.

Murdock´s Finest: Rhett Murdock forces the opponent to the ground and opens up his legs, then he wraps his legs around the head of the opponent and crosses the adversarys legs, applying pressure on them with his hands, turns 180 degrees and leans back compressing the spine.

Permission to Pin: Rhett Murdock climbs the turnbuckle and hears the crowd screaming "Finish him!" Murdock answers to this by saluting the crowd then jumps on the opponent with a Frog Splash, pinning the adversary under his body.


Modified Ultimate Armbar

Modified Butterfly Lock

Modified Rolling Cutter


Pokester: Laughs at his opponent and pokes him

Dancer: Dances around the opponent yelling "Come on, you tired already?"

Crowd Cheerer: Climbs the turnbuckle to salute the crowd while they chant his name demanding to see the finisher
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Rhett Murdock
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