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 Welcome Broken Dreams

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PostSubject: Welcome Broken Dreams   Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:01 pm

Broken Dreams Entrance music hits as fireworks and ptros are shooting around the arena it looks great, Broken Dreams is coming out on his motorcycle, he revs it as shock waves hit the crowd and arena. Can you believe this.

Fred: WOW!! Here that motorcycle roar around the arena?

Jess: Yes it is amazing, can you believe this is one of our newest members?

Broken Dreams is making his way down to the ring, he is wearing his tights and he accually looks like he will be in a match tonight.

Fred: He is dressed to compete is he fighting tonight?

Jess: I don't know but i wander what he has to say.

Broken Dreams demounts his Motorcylce and stands there for a second and smiles at the crowd.

Broken dreams slides into the ring and grabs a mic preparing to speak

: Well Hello IBW, I'm accually quite glad to be here.

Crowd cheers

Jess: Well he seems happy

Fred: Well happier then what he was, like when he had that arguement with footballfanatic

Jess: Yeah but footballfanatic deserved it

Fred: Well not really it was just a normal confrentation nothing out of the ordanary.

: But yeah, now well i would just like to make something very clear to everyone ok. I am not here to make friends matter of fact i hate everyone here includng all of you.

Crowd boos Broken Dreams

Fred: I thought he would accually be alright but he is just like all of the other rookies who walk through our doors

Jess: Yeah, well maybe one day he will get smashed

Fred: I hope footballfanatic smashes him

Jess: I'm in on that haha

Broken Dreams looks at the crowd with anger


Broken Dreams smiles

Jess: Yeah i really don't lke him

Fred: I hope someone comes out and shuts his mouth before i do

: Now i were was i right, I'm also here for those pretty gold titles. And once i win it i will be the longest reigning champion in IBW's history of wrestling. Anyone who steps in my way of having my title around my waist YOUR NEXT!!!

Crowd boos Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams drops his mic as his entrance music hits he stares into the crowd

Jess: WOW!! This embarasses this federation

Fred: I thought it was terrible come back when you have something useful to say

Jess: What a loser

Broken Dreams Rides his motorbike backstage with a huge grin on his face

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Welcome Broken Dreams
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