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 Hog Wild

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Hog Wild
Hog Wild

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PostSubject: Hog Wild   Sun Jul 18, 2010 7:04 pm

Wrestler Name: Hog Wild
Wrestler Nickname: Hogger or Hogster
Wrestler Level: 19
Wrestler Type: Resistance
Wrestler Height: near 7 feet
Wrestler Weight: over 300 pounds

• Popularity: 6. Professionist (518)
• Fans: 1073
• Age: 30
• Total Skill Index: 5.115
• Fought matches: 3405 (W:1852 | L:1151| N/C:402)
• Wrestler's score: 48.390

Face or Heel: tweener
Wrestler Attitude: Having fun all the time, do want ever it takes to get what you want.
Picture: See profile
Tag Team Partner: Frank Jaegar
Tag Team Name: Street Fighters
Willing to Tag: Yes
Faction Name: none
Wrestler's Style: A mix of Big Show, Kevin Nash, King Mabel and Bam Bam Bigelow
Wrestler's Origin: He is born in Hamburg Germany and a leading member of the famous Hells Angels bikergang.

Manowar - Wheels of fire starts playing through the LotE Stadium

Barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena
Sparks are showering
Hog Wild makes his way to the ring
wearing a simple wrestling costume
mounting a custom chopper
with his lover who kisses him burning with passion
Four lightnings hit the ringposts

Companion: Peggy Sue a Hells Angels bikergirl.

Your RP Ability: good
Willingness to change from face to heel or heel to face: yes
Description of each of your finishers, taunt(s), and trademark moves:


Hells Angels Buster
Hog Wild raises his fist in the air then he grabs [nome] into a Powerbomb Position
lifts him up high above his shoulders and starts spinning around
suddenly he bombs [nome] extrem hard on the mat executing a devastating Hells Angels Buster

Burn Out
Hog Wild is sitting in one corner and stalks [nome] who is laying across from him [nome] gets up and
Hog Wild goes on rampage runs over to [nome] like and a train
and nearly cuts him in half with a spear executing a devastating Burn Out

Fuel Choker 66
Hog Wild approaches his opponent's head and lifts [nome] into a sitting position
Hog Wild then wraps his right arm around [nome]'s neck and lifts him into
a Dragon Sleeper wrenching and constricting his neck cutting of
his air supply executing a devastating Fuel Choker 66


Route 66 (Big Splash Pin)
Modified Gordbuster
Modified Cannon Ball Buster


I Finish You Off
Hog Wild Cuts His Throat With His Thumb executing An I Finish You Off

Oh Hell Yeah
Hog Wild Takes A Beer Bath executing A Oh Hell Yeah

Born To Be Wild
Hog Wild Is Hammering With His Fists Against His Chest executing A Born To Be Wild

Catch Phrase: You saved his life and got yourself in harms way because I will rip you in half with a

Hog Wild hammers his fists against his chest

Burn Out !


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Hog Wild
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