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 Frank Jaegar welcomes the audience

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PostSubject: Frank Jaegar welcomes the audience   Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:06 am

A drum roll is being heard as smoke surrounds the arena

Commentator 1: “There are a lot of new entrances to expect tonight. I wonder which one of our GM's new acquisitions this one is.”

slowly a figure appears on the stage

Commentator 2: “Enough with the talk. Let's pay attention to the stage.”

Frank Jaegar appears on the stage and walks toward the ring

Commentator 1: “It's Frank Jaegar, Commentator 2. One of the highest rated top dogs of Desert Dispatch, today.”

Frank Jaegar enters the ring and takes a microphone from the announcer.

Commentator 2: “I wonder what he might have to say.”

Frank Jaegar: “Good evening laides and gentlemen. I wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you to Desert Dispatch – a very personal welcome, from me to you. So WELCOME EVERYBODY TO DESERT DISPATCH!”

Cheers can be heard all across as he points around the arena

Frank Jaegar: “Some of you might remember me from my old federation L... no, that would go too far.”

Commentator 1: “I actually do remember him. He loves the competition in every challenge because he loves fighting.”

Frank Jaegar smiles, then he continues

Frank Jaegar: “We're living in here and now and that's where we should remain.“

Commentator 2: “I wonder what that means.”

Frank Jaegar pauses

Frank Jaegar: “Speaking of here and now...”

He points across the arena again

Frank Jaegar: “Some might remember me as this nice, neat and clean guy I have been back in the days and expect that I remained that guy.”

'BiohaZzard' chats arise

Frank Jaegar: “Truth is: The last few month did make me cynical. I can't tell you right now who I am. Am I... Nice...? mean...? helpless? Egocentric...? a show off...? traitorous...? Short: A face or a heel?”

He looks around as he shrugs

Frank Jaegar: “One thing I can tell you: I'm anxious to find out who I am together with you. 'How come so?' you might ask.”

He pauses

Frank Jaegar: “ 'How come so?' you might ask.”

Crowd: “How come so?”

Frank Jaegar: “I'm glad you asked. See, from the day I arrive in this arena, and blinking step into the spotlight...”

He boosts his words with energetic gestures

Frank Jaegar: “There's more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done...”

He interrupts

Frank Jaegar: “No, wait. That's The Lion King! I am NOT The Lion King, and for those of you who don't know me: It's about time! I am Frank 'BiohaZzard' Jaegar...”

the crowd cheers

Frank Jaegar: “... aka 'The Snake'...”

even more cheers can be heard

Frank Jaegar: “... aka 'The Human Submission Machine'! I don't care who you are, I don't care what you do. I just want to fight you and make … you... tap!”

The crowd goes wild

Frank Jaegar: “So, whoever back in this locker room has the guts to fight me tonight: “Bring you attitude, your ego and you skills out here and try not to tap – as long as you can. Why as long as you can? Because it's inevitable. Sooner or later everybody taps out to Frank Jaegar. This is....”

Suddenly music starts and somebody can be seen walking to the stage

Commentator 2: “Who is coming there?”

Commentator 1: “I guess one locker room inhabitant actually had the guts to come out here..”

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Frank Jaegar welcomes the audience
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