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 Zerodegree debut

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PostSubject: Zerodegree debut   Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:28 pm

The lights go out while the crowd is screaming the camera is looking around frantically a spotlight ends up on a man in the rafters, the man goes down to the arena

The man grabs a microphone and starts to speak

Zerodegree1: whats up losers

The crowd boos

Zerodegree1: The reason im out here is because i dont know why jeff hardy basically got a spot in IBW just like that, while the rest of us had to prove ourselves and he thinks he's so great

Zerodegree1: And come on guys show some respect your looking at a great new superstar here

Fred: A pretty stupid and cocky one if you ask me

The crowd laughs

Zerodegree1: who said that

The crowd laughs more

Fred: What a stupid person thinking he's so great... i could beat him up

Zerodegree walks over to the announcement table

Zerodegree1: What did you say fred!?

Fred: Oh nothing just that your a bad superstar who thinks he's so great

Zerodegree1: Well im sorry you think that

Fred: Why?

Zerodegree walks over to the ring and grabs a barbed wire chair

Fred: What are you gonna do with that?

Zerodegree1: Oh NOTHING!!!

Zerodegree swings the chair in freds face knocking him to the ground

Zerodegree removes the equipment from the announcement table and lays fred and the chair on the announcement table

Zerodegree puts fred in a double arm ddt position spins grabbing freds head and driving it into the barbed wire chair busting the table, the crowd boos

Zerodegree1: Mission 1 complete, next mission eliminate Jeff Hardy

Zerodegree1: You'll pay for all those years ago when you left me alone now it's my turn to return the favor "friend" and you'll find out the XTREME way!!!!

Zerodegree1: Say goodbye to your precious Jeff Hardy forever

Zerodegree1: So long losers!!!!!

Zerodegree1: eh heh heh heh HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zerodegree laughs manically exiting into the back area

The camera fades into black for the commerical break
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Zerodegree debut
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