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 Zerodegree debut

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PostSubject: Zerodegree debut   Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:22 pm

The lights go out the crowd get all nervous and starts panicing
Evil laughs start taking place
the laughter stops, the lights still out a spotlight at the begining of the entrance ramp spots a man
the lights go back on
fan: It's Zerodegree1!!
The crowd cheers very loud

Zerodegree1: Shutup loser

The crowd boos louder

Zerodegree1 goes to the ring and grabs a barbed wire chair, and heads over to the announcement table

Fred: jess im scared, hes coming over here

Jess: why are you scared fred?

Fred: Cause we've seen what he's done with that damn barbed wire chair of his

Jess being the coward he is ran off in cowardness

Zerodegree1: Hey fred how ya been

Fred: g-g-g-good

Zerodegree1: Don't worry fred im not gonna-

Zerodegree swings the chair in fred's face knocking him down

Zerodegree removes the stuff off of the announcement table puts the barbed wire chair on the announcement table with fred laying on the table

Zerodegree puts fred in a double arm ddt position spins driving his head into the chair busting the table

Zerodegree1: Mission 1 complete, Mission 2: elimanate $$Jeff Hardy$$

Zerodegree starts laughing manically

Zerodegree1: So long losers!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Zerodegree debut
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